Friday, February 12, 2016

Riverdale Warriors Football

Welcome to Riverdale Football!

Riverdale Receives a Gold Football from the NFL

The NFL sent high schools Gold Footballs if they had a player in a Super Bowl

gold-ball-1    gold-ball-2

dennis harrison gold football



2016 Golf Tournament Announced!


Sponsor Letter

2016 7-on-7 Tournament will be July 14th



Riverdale Football has began construction on a new Football Locker Room and Athletic Complex. We would like to thank our partners in financing this project First Vision Bank. For all your financial needs please contact Chris Henson at 615-494-5950 or visit their local branch at 303 West Main Street.  If you are interested in supporting this project please contact Austin Maxwell at 615-969-8657.


Please visit Sponsors & News to check out our great sponsors and read the latest news on our Warriors. #1 Prep Editor in the state, Tom Kreager, and our local newspaper, the Daily News Journal (DNJ.COM) does a great job covering our Warriors.

Our local radio station, WGNS, 101.5 and 101.9 FM and 1450 AM, does a great job covering our local sports as well. You can listen to podcasts of game broadcasts and Coaches' Show Interviews on their web-site:

Be sure to check out Coach Weave at:

If you want to discuss Riverdale football, check out:


Interested in supporting Riverdale sports? Please send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



You can follow Riverdale Football on Twitter: @RHS_WarriorsFB

The Quarterback Club:  @RiverdaleQBClub

For Scores and other information: @RHS_sports

Booster Club Meetings have been set for the first Monday of each month. We would like at least one parent present to represent every player if possible.

Thank You,

David Limbaugh

Sports Information Director

twitter: @RHS_sid